Ever wondered what “El Shaddai” means? It means “God Almighty”.

We hear “God Almighty” being said ever so often, but what does actually mea for us? It means that when challenges arise, God is ALWAYS greater.

El Shaddai God Almighty daily short devotion SingaporeWe can trust in El Shaddai God is always greater
Going through life with God Almighty means that even in the face of the devil’s lies and the rejection we feel, we can still trust El Shaddai. He sent His only Son to earth, not only to atone for our sins, but to have a relationship overflowing with love with Him. We can look to God Almighty when we feel weak and hopeless. He’s even promised that He will never leave us not forsake us (Deut. 31:6) and He has plans to give us a future (Jer 29:11).

We have a relationship with God and it is overflowing with love for you
But as we serve God Almighty, we need to put God above other things. He is almighty anyway, right? When God revealed Himself to Abraham, Abraham immediately fell in reverence. Abraham understood who God was and He responded by showing humility and surrender.

Be strong and courageous God will never leave you or forsake youGod has plans to prosper you to give you hope and a future

Today, God has already won the battles in your life, He IS God Almighty, and He is on your side. There’s no need to fear, but there is a need to surrender - and knowing who He is, we can confidently surrender everything to El Shaddai.

Article adapted from Thir.st
October 15, 2020 — The Commandment Co