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Out of the Harbour | Short Sermon Series

Sometimes in life, God calls us out of our comfort zone into a better place called God's grace zone! Don't be afraid, take a leap of faith and step into God's grace. Adapted from Kallos. 3 minutes read.

Out of the Harbour short sermon summary cover image

August 03, 2020

WHERE’S MY #Squadgoals?! | Short Sermon Series

#Squadgoals - the reality of friendships. In this Insta age, friendship envy is now more rampant! Find out how to overcome it in this short article. Adapted from Kallos. 4 minutes read!

Where's my #squadgoals

July 31, 2020

How to Claim God's Protection | Short Sermon Series

How do we claim God's Protection today? Read on and find out more! 3 minutes read.

How to claim God's protection

July 29, 2020

God's Protection is for You | Short Sermon Series

God’s protection is yours for you to claim! 3 minutes read!

God's Protection is for you!

July 27, 2020

When Things Aren't Going Your Way | Short Sermon Series

Ever felt like things aren’t going your way? Well don’t worry, we all have. Fear not, because God is going to see you through! But it’s easy to feel  bad about yourself and angry with God, so these are things that we would like to tell you when things aren’t going your way. Spoiler: God is good and remains good despite everything. 5 minutes read.

When Things Don't Go My Way

July 24, 2020

Living By Faith Amidst COVID-19 | Short Sermon Series

Living by faith amidst COVID-19? Here are some pointers! 4 minutes read.

Living by faith amidst covid 19. Lemon details. Short bible sermon.

July 24, 2020

The Messenger Zine - WISDOM / Issue 15

July 01, 2020

Walk In Love - Coloring Book Part 2

Every step of the way, His love never fails. Regardless of what season you are in now, whether you are in the valleys low or a mountaintop high, His love for you stays the same.

The second half of our coloring sheets are now available for download! Just save the image below!

Designed by Jen.Chik x The Commandment Co.

Click here if you want to get part 1 of Walk In Love Coloring Sheet.

Download here.
June 19, 2020

Walk In Love - Coloring Book Part 1

Yay! We have coloring sheets that you can download and have a little coloring activity this stay home period. Frame it up and let it be a masterpiece in your home deco! Feel free to share with everyone you love!

Designed by Jen.

Click here to download.


June 04, 2020

The Messenger Zine - STRENGTH / Issue 14


Nepal Greenery background

Bold and Courageous 


Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. 

Joshua 24:15 


One night earlier this year, I found myself unable to... (Read Full Zine)

June 01, 2020