Everlasting Joy on Their Heads - Encouraging short sermons and devotionals compiled by The Commandment Co

In Isaiah 34:10, we thought about everlasting, never-ending judgment that goes on forever and ever. Now, instead of judgment we’ve got joy that goes on forever and ever. It’s everlasting, never-ending. You think about the things of this world that we find happiness or joy, so to speak, in, and they fade; the things of this world, what we enjoy.

I think about when my kids get a present from me as their parent, and we would give them this present, my wife and I, and they love it for like a week, and then the next week it’s kind of old, and they’re ready to move onto something else, and that’s the way the things of this world work. Not just for kids, it’s the way it works in all of our lives.

The reality is though, Isaiah 35:10 is holding out hope of, “everlasting joy,” that when you come to God through Jesus, there is a joy that will never, ever, ever end that you have.

We pray, oh, God, we praise you for the joy that’s found in Jesus. We praise you for the joy that’s found in the ransom of our souls, and your forgiveness of our sins, we have come to the fountain of everlasting joy; a joy that nothing in this world can take away.

God, we praise you for your promises all throughout your Word; for a joy that transcends suffering, a joy that supersedes circumstances; that we can know in you we have found, not only the savior from our sin, but the satisfaction of our souls, and we have, “everlasting joy on our heads.”

God, help us. Help us to rejoice in you always as your Word says, knowing that, “For all of eternity, forever and ever, we will have your joy.” All glory be to your name, for that promise, for that reality, for, “everlasting joy on our heads,” according to Isaiah Chapter 35:10.

In Jesus’ name we praise you, and we pray that you help us to live the overflow of that joy. Amen.

April 14, 2022 — The Commandment Co