Exchanging I Can’t With I Can - Encouraging short sermons and devotionals compiled by The Commandment Co

Have you ever walked into a store before with something to exchange? Maybe it was an article of clothing that you decided you didn't like, or a pair of shoes that were uncomfortable. You entered the store with something that didn't work for you, exchanged it, and left with something that did work for you. You had to trade what was not effective for something that was.


The same principle applies to your thinking. If you exchange your "I can't" thoughts for "I can" thoughts, you will see remarkable changes begin to happen. If you build into your character the thought that, with God's help, you can do whatever you need to do in life, you will have more zeal and enthusiasm about facing every day. I have found that I even have more physical energy when I think "I can" thoughts. It helps me to not dread anything, because dread is an energy drainer.


It's never too late to begin saying, "I can." Say things like: "My marriage has problems, but it can work"; "My house is a mess, but I can clean it so it will bring me joy and relaxation when I come home from work"; "I can get out of debt"; or, "I have some problems right now, but I can still enjoy my life."


Some of the challenges you face may be very difficult ones; however, God never allows more to come on us than we can bear. With every temptation, He always provides a way out. I challenge and encourage you right now to consistently believe you can do anything that comes your way, with God's help.


Which "I can't" belief in your life do you need to exchange for an "I can"? Trust God to not allow you to be tempted beyond your ability and to always provide a way out.


Devotional by Joyce Meyer @joycemeyer. Designed by @beth.low

August 19, 2021 — The Commandment Co