Highlighting The Good In Others - Encouraging short sermons and devotionals compiled by The Commandment Co

Jesus saw the Potential in people. I once heard a quote that fits appropriately at this point. “Anybody can count the number of apples on a tree, but only a rare and wonderful person can count the trees in an apple.” Jesus had the ability to count the trees in an apple (to see the potential of one apple can grow other apple trees). When Jesus saw Simon he saw a diamond in the rough. Here was this weak, fledging man who became one of the leaders of the early church. Notice a special phrase in our text. “When Jesus looked at him.” Jesus saw the special person God intended Simon to be. We can do the same. Look for the potential in other people. When you follow Jesus life you see His treatment of others.

In Luke 19 we find Jesus encounter with Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus was an outcast. Jesus saw his potential. Jesus told him to come down from his hide away in a tree and He was going to share a meal with him.

In Matthew 9 we find Jesus encounter with Matthew. Matthew was a hated tax collector. Jesus saw his potential.

In Mark 16:9 we find Jesus encounter with Mary Magdalene. She had formerly been possessed by seven demons. Can you imagine having her sitting on the front row of your church? Jesus saw the potential in her.

In John 4 we find Jesus encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well of Jacob. She was living with a man and had been married five times. In addition, she was a person with a mixed pedigree. The Jewish people frowned on such crossovers. Jesus saw the potential in this lady.

In each of those situations Jesus saw the potential, not the problems. Potential sometimes lies dormant. The history books are full of stories of gifted persons whose talents were overlooked by a procession of people until someone believed in them. Jesus saw the potential in people. He also empowered people. Jesus looked at Simon and told him he was going to become a rock. He was going to become a pillar of the church. That is empowerment. This is the history of what God has done with people.

Short Sermon adapted from sermoncentral.com
February 04, 2022 — The Commandment Co