Love Supermarket Sticker Collection 2 on Social Media
Love Supermarket Sticker Collection 2 is now available on social media. 

Steps to add Love Supermarket Sticker in your IG Stories:-
1. From your Instagram Story, tap the Screen_Shot_2018-11-28_at_12.48.10_PM.png  to add GIF stickers.
2. Search "thecommandmentco" 
3. Choose and insert GIF sticker you like!

Love Supermarket Stickers on Instagram


Steps to download sticker for Whatsapp / iMessage:-
1. Click >> here <<
2. Download and install
3. Click on the “Add To Whatsapp” /  “Add To iMessage”
4. Enjoy the stickers!

Steps to download sticker for Telegram:-
1. Click >> here <<
2. Click on the “Add 10 Stickers” in Telegram
3. Enjoy the stickers!

Steps to  download sticker for Signal:-
1. Click >> here <<
2. Click on the “Add Stickers” in Signal
3. Enjoy the stickers!
September 30, 2021 — The Commandment Co