Valleys, adorned with their distinct beauty, possess a captivating allure. They present us with the majesty of mountains and picturesque valleys that leave us in awe.

However, for sheep, valleys represent more than scenic views; they can be perilous places hiding threats behind rocks or within walls. As rain can easily turn valleys into hazards, susceptible to rapid flooding known as “flash floods,” posing genuine risks to the sheep and their shepherds.

While our experiences differ from those of a sheep, we can still understand the feeling of navigating dangerous valleys— be it through sickness, loss, or the perception of the world turning against us. Though predators may not lurk, the emotions of fear and vulnerability are familiar.

Yet, amid challenges, we find comfort, as the psalmist declares. We aren’t promised the absence of danger or fear but are assured of God’s abiding presence in every moment.

We encourage you to openly share about the “valleys” in your lives. Take a moment of silence to express gratitude for God’s presence in these valleys and seek comfort during times of need. Offer prayers, especially for those currently going through difficult valleys, remembering that God accompanies us in moments of fear.

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Short Sermon adapted from ‘Psalms for Families: Psalm 23’ by Robert J. Keeley and Laura Keeley
July 04, 2024 — TCCO (Troubleshooting)