“Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4

When Paul wrote these words to the Philippian church, he knew full well that life could be very difficult, and rejoicing was not an easy thing to do. Paul had been ridiculed, beaten, imprisoned, and exposed to the realities that life would not be trouble-free. So how was he able to still encourage the Philippian church to “Rejoice!”? And why was it such a staple and important truth to relay that he would say it repeatedly throughout his letters - even to the point of repeating it in the same sentence!

Paul was not encouraging the Philippians to respond to the trials of life with naïve optimism, but instead, with a conscious choice to focus on God, regardless of the circumstances. Nobody needs to tell us to rejoice when good fortune comes our way – it’s natural to feel joyful when life is good! But what about when life gets us down? That’s when rejoicing takes on a whole different meaning. No longer is it about being glad for our circumstances – instead, it’s about being glad for who God is and the hope that we have despite our circumstances.

When we commit to putting on an attitude of rejoicing, no terrible circumstance can steal our joy. Gladness will radiate from deep within our souls, out of the knowledge that the One who formed us holds us tightly in His arms. Nothing will ever separate us from His love and we know that no mountain is too high to climb, nor a valley too dark to go through.

So rejoice always! I will say it again – rejoice!

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