God has a message for you! Will you listen?

This year doesn’t seem to be going right, there is so much around us that discourages us - the global pandemic, the sluggish economy etc. But in the midst of all this discouragement, God is saying “Chill. I’ve got this.”


God says Chill! I got this!

We often find ourselves rendered helpless by circumstances beyond our control, and we’re once again reminded that we don’t have the last say in things. But God is sovereign, and we need to appreciate “the relaxing reality” of His sovereignty as a deliberate decision of faith.


God is sovereign over everything

Even when Caesar decreed that everyone had to return to their hometown, we realise that God used this to ensure the Messiah was born in Bethlehem to fulfil the prophesy. On one hand, Caesar seemed to be in control, but on another level, Caesar was just an agent for God’s work. So we don’t look to man as God is still working out His purpose.


Living in a fallen world, we will still have to face some storms in our lives

So we won’t face any storms? Nope! Living in a fallen world, storms are bound to come our way. But remember when the disciples were caught in a storm out at sea? Jesus was sleeping through the storm, and He wouldn’t have awoken up if the disciples had not woken him. Jesus was relaxing in the reality of God’s sovereignty. When Jesus previously said to them “Let us go across to the other side”, they were definitely going to the other side! If God has said you’re going to the other side, you ARE going to the other side, no questions asked!


If God say that you are crossing to the other side, You will end up on the other side


Article adapted from Salt & Light and Graceworks.
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August 12, 2020 — The Commandment Co