How do we find hope in the middle of our stories? How do we keep going when life feels relentlessly hard? We hear God whisper again, through his word, Remember. We turn to God when we are in unfamiliar territory, afraid of the future, and we ask him to help us remember. To hold us and remind us that he has faithfully walked through our lives with us.
Remember Him In The Struggle - Encouraging short sermons and devotionals compiled by The Commandment Co
You can take comfort in seeing that the psalmists, who also had seen God’s faithfulness, often began their conversations with God with similar fears and questions. They asked, “Has God forgotten to be gracious?” (Psalm 77:9) “When will you comfort me?” (Psalm 119:82) “How long must your servant endure?” (Psalm 119:84)

After crying out to God, though, we see the psalmists shift from questioning God to trusting him. What caused that shift? How did they go from scared to secure? We see that they engaged God, looking to him for direction, confident that he would listen and answer. What fueled that transformational confidence? Remembering.

Remembering kept and strengthened them through trials. Remember God’s promises and steadfast love. Remember his faithfulness through the Bible. And remember his faithfulness to you.

God’s promises are sure. Not one word of any of the good promises he has made fails to come true (Joshua 21:45; 23:14). Even when everything around us is dark, remembering helps us trust that light will come.

If you are struggling in the middle of your story today, at another painful crossroads of suffering or loss, and wonder how to find hope in Christ, I encourage you to remember.

Adapted from article by Vaneetha Rendall Risner (@desiringGod)
Designed by @beth.low
November 11, 2021 — The Commandment Co