Bountiful Blessings Designer Ang Bao / Wall Decoration {Red Packet}


Immerse yourself in the bountiful love of God this Chinese New Year with our exclusive CNY Blessing Packets. Infused with divine grace, these Ang Baos are not just tokens of good fortune but also exquisite decorative pieces inspired by the sights around us that showcase God's blessings. Each Blessing Packet radiates positivity, wishing your loved ones a bountiful supply of peace, happiness, joy, favor, and blessings. The intricate diamond-shaped decorations within the Ang Baos serve a dual purpose, symbolizing good wishes and transforming into delightful ornaments that add a touch of joy to any space.

Embrace the tradition of gifting with a touch of spiritual warmth, as these Blessing Packets become a beacon of hope, spreading love and positivity throughout the Chinese New Year celebrations. Celebrate the season with a gesture that transcends the ordinary – our CNY Blessing Packets, where tradition meets divine inspiration. Bountiful with blessings, share the joy, and light up the festive spirit for those you hold dear.

Each pack comes in a set of 10 pcs of red packets.
Opens up into a door / wall decor.

- Bountiful Blessings 福
- Bountiful Life 春
- Bountiful Favour 满
- Bountiful Joy 乐
- Bountiful Happiness 喜

180g thick paper
Gold foil stamped

9cm (W) x 17cm (H)