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The Commandment Co x Unlabelled Run Collaboration

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The "Run Well" T-shirt symbolises empowerment and resilience, supporting those who have been unfairly labelled to unite and build an inclusive, cohesive, and compassionate society.

About the "Run Well" T-shirt

Inspired by the Unlabelled Run, this tee embodies the strength and determination to confront life's challenges. Featuring a Marathon Bib, we have replaced the race number with the word 'unlabelled.' Underscoring the message of rejecting stigma and discrimination, championing the Unlabelled Movement.

The Unlabelled Movement emphasises that labels do not matter but people do. Every ‘labelled’ individual, with sufficient support and encouragement, can aspire to be a significant contributor to society. Hence encouraging those burdened by labels to embrace resilience and cast off the judgments imposed by others.

With the tagline "Drop the Label, See the People." It focuses on the significance of unlabelling, to enable the redemption of dignity, maximise potential, and recognition of contributions.

Unlabelled Run strives to inspire Youths, the Elderly, Ex-offenders, and individuals with special needs to embrace their uniqueness, urging society to refrain from unjustly labeling anyone. Recognising that every individual possesses boundless potential, and that negative labels can stifle and snuff that innate greatness.

And in this race called Life, we are all participants together. Your support directly contributes to sustaining this transformative event, fostering a community that rejects labels and embraces the infinite potential within each individual.

Join Our Cause

Be a part of something greater than yourself. By wearing the "Run Well" T-shirt, you become an advocate for change. Whether you're a seasoned runner or just starting, your involvement in this collaboration makes a lasting impact.

Join our cause, celebrate resilience, and make a difference today.

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Product Details

- Materials: 100% cotton
- Printing: Digitally printed in full color

- Medium (M): Chest width - 52cm, Shirt length - 68cm, Arm length - 25cm, Sleeve length - 20cm
- Large (L): Chest width - 56cm, Shirt length - 75cm, Arm length - 26cm, Sleeve length - 23cm
- Extra Large (XL): Chest width - 56cm, Shirt length - 78cm, Arm length - 27cm, Sleeve length - 26cm

Support a worthy cause with your purchase. Pre-order the "Run Well" T-shirt today and help the Unlabelled Movement.