Light Of The World {Night Light Projector}


Specially designed with babies and young children in mind, these Night Light Projectors will make the perfect gift for your child. It might look like an ordinary night light at first, but remove the cover and you will be amazed at the lovely designs that now cover the walls. Each Night Light Projector comes with 4 unique designs that you can switch between easily. The designs also include special Biblical truths (Eg. Blessed Child of God, I am God’s creation, etc.) that are perfect for reminding your child every day that they are children of God, and that God will protect them as they sleep. We pray that these Night Light Projectors will make bedtime an exciting and comforting experience for your little ones as they grow to know God better each day.

Used as:
- Night Light (with cover)
- Projector Light (without cover)

Included FIlms:
Film 1 - Nativity Scene
Film 2 - Jonah's Underwater
Film 3 - Galaxy Creation
Film 4 - Noah's Ark