Signing up to be The Commandment's affiliate is easy and fun! 


1. Find the 'Affiliate Program' Link at the bottom of The Commandment Co website! You will be directed to this page. 

You can read through information about the affiliate program here and once you are ready to Be A Messenger, Click on the 'SIGN UP NOW!' link.

Sign up for affiliate program page


2. Fill in your particulars and sign up.

Fill in particular's page to sign up


3. Go to your e-mail and verify your affiliate account.

Verification e-mail


4. Log in to your affiliate account.

Log in page


5. Customise your referral link.

Under Settings page, you can customise your own referral link and update your particulars and your profile.

Settings Page


When you scroll down to find the 'Referral Code'. You can make your referral link more friendly and identifiable than the scary numbers initially assigned to you!  

Customise your referral link under this setting!


6. Get your referral link approval e-mail to start earning!

Referral link approval e-mail.


The welcome e-mail comes with introduction to affiliate program and you're now part of the family. Happy sharing!


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