By Grace, Through Faith {Classic Verse Band}

$31.90 SGD

Product Description:

Discover the Classic Verse Band - a fresh interpretation of our cherished original design. Meticulously reimagined to grace your wrist with a perfect fit, this enhanced version presents a snug and fashionable choice for your wristwear. Elevate your style with this enduring classic, now customized just for you.

By Grace, Through Faith

- Silver color: Exquisitely crafted from Stainless Steel
- Rose Gold color: Stainless Steel plated with Rose Gold for a touch of elegance
- Gold color: Stainless Steel plated with Gold, radiating timeless charm

Tailored for both average and smaller wrist dimensions, the band length measures 13.5cm, ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit. Experience the divine touch of the Classic Verse Band, a reflection of your unique style.