Grow with Grace {Door Mat}

$17.90 SGD

"Grow with Grace" serves as a symbol of your commitment to spiritual growth. Place it at your doorstep, and every step you take will be a testament to your faith and trust in God's grace.

Start each day by stepping onto this mat, offering a prayer or a moment of reflection. Let it remind you to embrace each moment with grace, knowing that you are continually growing in His love and wisdom.

This door mat isn't just a decorative piece; it's a daily practice, an affirmation of your spiritual journey, and a declaration of your faith. It's a way to honor your commitment to grow, thrive, and flourish in God's abundant grace.

Perfect for:

  • Daily Devotion: Use this door mat as a foundation for your daily prayer or meditation ritual.

  • Gift Giving: Share the message of grace and growth with loved ones on special occasions or as a thoughtful gesture.


100% polyester
Non-slip dotted rubber back

Approx 31cm x 55cm

Washing instructions:
Hand wash