Love Supermarket Vinyl Sticker | Decal Set

$10.00 SGD $7.90 SGD

Love Supermarket Decal Sticker Pack is great to decorate your laptops, journals, or handphones! Bring this ready-to-go size God's Word food packaging anywhere you go. Be reminded of Seven Eleven (Matt 7:7-11) that God is always there for you 24/7.

Set A (10pcs):
- Shalom Pas
- Peace Whole milk
- Hope Honey
- Grace Cereals
- Joy Energy Bar
- Joyful Heart Medicine
- Faith Mountain Chocolate
- Rest Chocolate Bar
- Power & Strength Chilli Sauce
- Abundant Life Canned Fish

Set B (10pcs):
- Love Chocolate
- Cup Noodles Prosper
- Supply Wholesome Bread
- Faith Mustard Sauce
- Sweet Friendships Candy
- Joyful Heart Medicine
- Beloved Little White Lamb Sweet
- Favor Peanut Butter
- Rejoice Always Canned Soup
- Bold Lion Balm


Set C (10pcs):
- Deep In Love Biscuit
- Shalom Pas
- Cleanse Laundry Detergent
- Hello My Beloved Child Biscuit
- Kind Chocolate
- Joyful Heart Medicine
- Faith Mountain Chocolate
- Lovely Chocolate Stick
- Xin Blessed Ramen
- I Can Luncheon Meat


Set D (10pcs):
- Love More Chocolate Chip Biscuit
- Christ-aid Love Adhesive Bandages
- Everlasting Love Battery AAA
- Hello My Beloved Child Biscuit
- Cleanse Laundry Detergent
- Kopi Jesus Coffee
- King of Kings Colorful Chocolate
- Listen Total Care Mouth Wash
- Raisins Christlike
- Love Shampoo


Product Description:
Various sizes
Vinyl sticker