My Identity Comes From What He Says About Me {Mirror Decal Stickers}

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Brand YMI

My identity comes from what he says about me, not what I do.
— Designed by YMI.

Start your day off with a reminder, with our vinyl decals from the bible verse, that with God all things are possible!

Place these bible verse vinyl decals on your mirror to remind yourself of the power of having faith in your Father in Heaven. That even when things seem out of our control or ability, remember that it is through God that makes the impossible possible.

Product Description:
- 9 cm (Width) x 9.2 cm (Height)
- Transparent waterproof decals
- Usable on any smooth surfaces (eg. Car windows & Mirrors)
- Reusable, removable without stains
- Designed by The Commandment Co
- Wipe down the surface to rid of any oil or dust
- Peel back a corner of the sticker paper
- Align the decal and slowly peel back the sticker paper while smoothing the decal to the surface

REMINDER: My identity comes from what He says about me, not what I do.

One of the remarkable, foundational truths of the Christian faith is that those “in Christ” are somehow caught up in His identity; His status is our status, His righteousness is our righteousness. So understanding our identity starts with understanding His.

And what is key to His identity? As God the Father says of God the Son at His baptism, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased” (Matthew 3:17). When the Father looks upon the Son, His verdict is love and delight. And that is the same verdict He has of you, for those in Christ. Our achievements or accomplishments are not the source of our identity. Rather it is a status, an identity, that is conferred upon us, from Someone outside of us.

Do you see the revolutionary change this brings to how you view yourself and your work? With a sure confidence of your identity in Christ, work is no longer the source of your identity, but the expression of it. Living out of the confidence of the love and pleasure of God, you no longer need to prove yourself to anyone, but rather express your new identity in Christ. This is the radical change the Gospel brings to our identity and our work.

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