Rollerball Pen (Ink) Basic I {Personalised Brass Pen}

$29.90 SGD

Timeless. A brass pen carries the memories of the user through time. Crafted by masters with years of experience, each brass pen has a life and character of it's own. Use it to pen down your thoughts and ideas, or as a customised piece for important events. Let it accompany you through the adventure and journey of your life.



14.8 cm (with cap) x 12.4cm (without cap) x 1.1 cm

Press Cap

Ink / Refill:
Rollerball Pen refill {Ink}
Comes with black ink inside by default
Refills available in store or online here

Use & Care:
The brass surface oxidizes with age. Use it as it develops with your usage into an aged timeless classic look or restore it with oil to regain original shine.

Personalise Words Limitation:

Maximum of 40 letters including spacing. (Max around 7-10 words)