This blessing in Numbers 6 is frequently used to bless others – but what is the story behind it?

The blessing was spoken by God to Moses, in order that Moses might tell Aaron how he should convey God’s blessing upon Israel. It’s amazing to know that these words come directly from God Himself. They reflect God’s deep love for His people and His desire to convey blessing upon blessing to them. We see God’s character and His heart for us – God wants to bless us, He wants to look favourably upon us, to smile over us, be gracious to us, and give us peace. What a great and loving God we have!

To think that the God of the universe would love us this much – it’s enough to bring us to our knees in fervent worship.

What’s even more incredible is that God wasn’t saying this blessing to a nation that was obedient, upright and good. Israel was not worthy of such love – time and time again they had disobeyed and betrayed God, incurring His anger. God Himself said that Israel were a stiff-necked people.

So why would God still speak so kindly to Israel? Because His love and mercy for His people was far greater than the wrong Israel committed. God is not the kind of God who leaves us to struggle in our sin – He reaches out and helps us out of it, despite the deep pain it causes Him.

This blessing and proclamation of love towards Israel is also God’s proclamation of love towards us today. Knowing that nothing will ever separate us from the love of God, let us live our lives worthy of the grace we have received – not continuing on in darkness, but walking in the light.

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