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I have a dream - The Commandment Co's motivational Short sermon series for you and your loved ones   
“Use what’s in your hand to establish what’s in your heart.”
It’s difficult when we come to realising our dreams only to see it fall through, and even more painful when we want to give up. But even in the pain, we can still work on our dreams with what God has given us in our hands (our talents and gifts)!
 Use what's in your hand to establish what's in your heart ~ Quote by Brian Houston - The Commandment Co's Short sermon series
So what’s in your hand? A camera, a paintbrush, an instrument, your voice, your ability to connect with people easily? Use these gifts to continue to connect your hands with your heart. It could be leading worship in your community/cell group or connecting with others to encourage them in tough times (the possibilities are endless), but God will use what’s in your hand to establish what’s in your heart. Even if things do not always seem to be going your way, don’t worry because God knows what you need in that moment. And once you get what you need, everything you want and everything you knew you never wanted is in it as well.
Sometimes it looks like we're not getting what we want because God knows what we need. But when you get what you need, you realise that everything you want, and everything you never knew you wanted, is in that as well ~ Quote by Joel Houston - The Commandment Co's Short sermon series: I have a dream
It’s important that we don’t lose hope and keep our faith in Him. When we are faithful with what God has put in our hand, God will be faithful with what is in your heart, and continue to refine us to realise our dreams!
A man's heart plans his ways, but the Lord directs his steps ~ Prov 16:9 - The Commandment Co's Short sermon series
Inspired by @joelhouston @brianhouston
December 10, 2020 — The Commandment Co