In Judges 6:11-24, we find Gideon engrossed in his work. This situation may resonate with many of us in our daily lives. How frequently do we immerse ourselves in our tasks, rarely lifting our eyes from them to have an encounter with our Lord?

Gideon is beckoned by God to shift his focus from his duties onto Him. As God lays out the specifics of His plan, it becomes evident that Gideon's self-assessment pales in comparison to God's perception of him. Caught off guard, Gideon questions God's choice (Judges 6:15).

In a simple plea, starting with "Pardon me, my Lord," Gideon essentially conveys to God, "You must be mistaken! Not me! I'm feeble, ill-prepared, inadequate! Surely, Lord, you can't be referring to me!" Gideon's fear in the face of the unknown is evident, as his anxious thoughts find voice in his words.

When in times of doubt and the confrontation of fear, we can find solace in the assurance of peace.

However, the story doesn't conclude here. Even amidst our uncertainties and apprehensions, we can be assured of having peace. Out of His boundless goodness, God fills Gideon with the entirety of His peace. And this same provision extends to us.

Gideon is so overwhelmed after encountering God that he pauses to worship exactly where he stands, constructing an altar to honour the Lord. He called the altar as Jehovah-Shalom, denoting "The Lord is Peace" (Judges 6:24). In that instant, he transitions from being fraught with doubt to being full with serenity.

Devoting time to prayer, worship, and the study of His word allows us to partake in the peace that only the Creator can bestow. He comprehends our predicaments and our anxieties, and He remains steadfast in equipping us to advance with conviction. All within the embrace of tranquillity.

As we carry on the rest of this week, may we consider these following points:
- How might you incorporate consistent time with the Lord into your daily routine?
- Recall a moment when you experienced God's peace in your life.
- In which aspect of your life do you need to ask God for peace?

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