In a world that often values youth and vitality, St Luke's Hospital in Singapore is pioneering a groundbreaking movement that encourages everyone to embrace the beauty of aging. Launched in 2021, the #GoSilverSG campaign is the first-ever 'Silver Hair' initiative in Singapore, aimed at inspiring positive aging and raising funds for patients at St Luke's Hospital. The campaign runs throughout the month of June 2023, providing an opportunity for individuals to show their support and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need.

What is #GoSilverSG?
#GoSilverSG is not just a campaign; it's a celebration of the silver years, a testament to the wisdom and experience that come with aging. St Luke's Hospital has taken a unique approach to promote positive aging by incorporating art-based interventions into their holistic care for patients. The campaign is not only about raising funds but also about changing perspectives on aging.

Exclusive Designs by The Commandment Co:
In collaboration with the #GoSilverSG campaign, The Commandment Co has crafted exclusive designs that draw inspiration from the concept of aging. These designs reflect the beauty of silver hair and the wisdom that accompanies the aging process. By purchasing items from this exclusive collection, individuals can wear their support for positive aging while contributing to a charitable cause.
#GoSilverSG Bloom Poster#GoSilverSG Flourish Poster
#GoSilverSG Full Bloom & Abundance Tote Bag

The Beauty in Every Moment:
The #GoSilverSG campaign aims to shift societal attitudes towards aging. Rather than viewing it as a process to be feared or resisted, the campaign encourages individuals to smile at the grays, recognizing them as splendid marks of a life well-lived. The message is clear: every stage of life has its own unique beauty, and aging is no exception.

A Charitable Initiative:
Participating in the #GoSilverSG campaign goes beyond embracing positive aging; it also involves making a tangible difference in the lives of others. 20% of all purchases from The Commandment Co's exclusive collection will be donated to a charity organization of choice. This means that every item bought not only serves as a symbol of support for positive aging but also contributes to the well-being of those under the care of St Luke's Hospital.

As we embrace the #GoSilverSG campaign, let us join hands in celebrating the beauty of aging and challenging societal norms surrounding it. Through art, inspiration, and charitable contributions, St Luke's Hospital and The Commandment Co are creating a movement that promotes positive aging and provides much-needed support for those in the community. So, let's go silver and make a difference in the lives of others during the month of June 2023 and beyond.

February 26, 2024 — The Commandment Co