“no weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and this is their vindication from me,” declares the Lord.” Isaiah‬ ‭54‬:‭17‬ ‬‬

Being a Christian does not mean that the storms of life will suddenly disappear. Jesus Himself warned us that we would have trouble in this world. But despite this sobering reality, there is one truth and promise we as Christians can hold fast to – Jesus has won the victory. No weapon or evil scheme from the enemy will prevail.

Every false accusation, every wrong done to us, every hurt – all these will not prevail. The Lord fights for us, and He is our righteous judge.

So do not fear, even if the storms seem never-ending! You have a steadfast hope in Jesus, and you are highly favoured, greatly blessed and deeply loved. Nobody, and nothing will ever take away this hope. No weapon will prosper – you are held tightly in His arms and not a hair on your head will be harmed.

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December 19, 2023 — TCCO (Troubleshooting)