God is calling you into his grace zone. Sea and sky theme background

Jesus asked Peter to come walk on the water towards him

You of little faith, why did you doubt. Bible verse of encouragement.

Sometimes, we may have to make difficult decisions, where god is calling us out of our comfort zone, such as the example when Peter walked on water. At Jesus’ command, Peter took a step out of the boat, felt the waves beneath his feet, and walked towards Jesus. Peter had his eyes on Jesus, up to the point where he saw the wind, took his eyes off Jesus, and started to sink but Jesus immediately reached out to catch Peter.


But how did Peter ’see the wind’? Isn’t wind is invisible? God knew that we would have challenges that physically lay before us, but God also knew that we may often be faced with ’invisible’ challenges too - implications, people’s opinion, peer pressure, social norms etc. The moment Peter’s focus shifted to these invisible challenges, he started to sink as he started to fear. The Lord’s response was simply, “You of little faith, why did you doubt,” implying that Jesus was more than able to keep Peter walking on water if he had not doubted His power.


Many of us today are in a harbour - a place of safety and comfort. We see God and He’s calling us out. But we’re asking if it’s really Him, and He’s saying “yes, come”! God is inviting you to take that step out of the comfort zone and do something great, which may seem impossible, with Him!


What ships are made for.



Adapted from: Kallos
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August 03, 2020 — The Commandment Co