Things Jesus is Calling Us to Do Short Sermon Series

In Matthew 4:19, Jesus said to His disciples, who were fishermen:
“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
You know what Jesus seems to be saying?
“Follow me and I will give you more work.”
It’s like, thanks, but no thanks. I mean, we are busy. In this busy age we live in, we don’t need more work. In fact, what we need is a six-month vacation twice a year. We don’t need more work like an Eskimo would need more ice, right?



Follow me bible verse of encouragement design

It’s a call to a higher purpose of life: “Follow me and you don’t have to live through this mundane life of just ‘making a living’. You have the joy and the power living the life.” Making a living, for the disciples, was being fishermen. That was their livelihood. Jesus said, “Follow me and be fishers of men. You have a higher purpose in life.
Now, notice how Jesus did not say “follow me and I’ll make you successful” or “follow me and I’ll make you happy” or “follow me and I’ll make you rich”. Not even “follow me, I’ll make you a well-adjusted person”.

No, He said, “Follow me and I will so transform you to a higher purpose and a higher calling in life, that you live for something more than just mere existence.”

A Call to a Higher Purpose of Life

You move from just your own career to your calling, from your occupation to a vocation from God, from the mundaneness of life to a mission for God – and we have to be missional as disciples of Jesus.

If we’re building disciples in Bible studies and discipleship groups and we don’t give them a sense of mission, a sense of the nation, a sense of the heart of God, a sense that there’s so much up for grabs in the world today among the nations, and if they don’t have a missional Cross in their hearts and missional engagement in their lives, they cannot be true disciples.

But the minute they catch those things and are willing to sacrifice everything for that mission, everything for that treasure, they understand radical discipleship because they have become missional. They live for a higher purpose.



Follow Me. Jesus calls you to a Higher Reality

Jesus is calling us to a greater reality. "Follow me".

 God should be the defining reality of our lives, and culture the context by which we live for that reality in God. But now culture has become the defining reality for the Christian, and God has become the context of light church talk on Sunday mornings. And when these Christians go back into the world, they don’t know how to engage with the world in their Christian faith, or engage with the Christian faith in the world, simply because God is not their defining reality, culture is.

 The kingdom of God is our ultimate reality.
There were many things they needed to know, but He taught them one thing: the kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is the ultimate reality, and the heart of the kingdom of God is the King. In other words, you cannot have a kingdom if there is no king. It all points back to the kingship of Jesus. If Jesus is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all. Mean business with God.

We dare not make Jesus “Lord”. Why?

We’re afraid to surrender. We don’t want to lose control.

And the only reason why we don’t want to lose control and surrender to Jesus is that we have an illusion of control. We don’t realise that in reality, we don’t have control. We don’t have control of tomorrow. We don’t know tomorrow. We don’t hold tomorrow.

 But here’s one thing we have:

We have a God who knows tomorrow and holds tomorrow and He says: “Trust me, I am in control.”

That is the smartest thing to do. Since I don’t have control, I might as well surrender to the One who truly has control. That’s what discipleship is all about: “Follow me”. Not just to a higher purpose, but to a greater reality.



I will Make You! A call to a deeper transformation

And here is the third thing: it is a call to a deeper transformation –

“I will make you.”

Jesus did not say: “Okay, I want you to follow me but first, you go and change your life, go and straighten out your life, go and ‘unmess’ your life then come follow me.” I will be condemned, doomed and a failure because I cannot.

My heart resonates with Peter when he was answering Jesus’ question of “do you love me?” – “Lord, you know I love You”. I love You but I’m a mess.

And what does Jesus reply? “Follow me.”

 Follow me, and I will break you, I will transform you and I will so change you in that mighty transformation. You will have newness of life, newness of purpose, newness of mission in your life.


Adapted from: Kallos
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