YMI Today x TCCO tote bag design Let your light shine

It's never too early to start shopping for Christmas!

In the lead up to our favorite time of the year, YMI (read as Why Am I?) is partnering with The Commandment Co to bring you a selection of exclusively designed tote bags and posters.

If you're looking for the perfect gift this Christmas, why not spread some hope and cheer with these inspirational messages on YMI’s colorful totes? Or simply decorate your cozy corner with a beautifully designed poster. Each tote bag and poster features an attractive artwork designed by YMI and an accompanying Bible verse, reminding us that life is to be lived for Christ and that God is the source of everything good. 

They will only be available from now till 31 December. The posters will be priced at S$15 for A4, $19 for A3, while the tote bags are going at $24.90 per piece.

YMI is a non-profit online Christian platform for young adults all over the world that fosters deeper conversations about everyday life. Through a variety of content, such as articles, artworks, and videos, we invite you to walk with us as we journey through the Whys of life, discover our purpose in Christ, and share our stories with each other. 

YMI x TCCo tote bags and posters are in store and online today!

Click here to order now!

YMI poster design collab The Commandment Co TCCo

September 28, 2020 — Edwin Lim