As we approach Easter Sunday, we find ourselves in the midst of Holy Saturday.

After the powerful days of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, knowing how to pray on Holy Saturday can feel a bit uncertain. Easter is yet to arrive, and yet the intensity of praying with the Passion has passed.

How then should we spend Holy Saturday?

Holy Saturday is a time of transition, a time of waiting in the in-between. We are called to enter into this space of uncertainty and to embrace it fully, for it is in the waiting that we can experience a deep sense of connection with Christ.

As we pray on Holy Saturday, we are reminded of the darkness and despair that Jesus' followers felt as they waited for His resurrection. Yet, we also know the hope and joy that came with the empty tomb. We are reminded of the promise of new life that comes through Christ's resurrection and the power of His love.

This is a time to sit with our emotions, to acknowledge our fears and doubts, and to lay them before God. As we pray, we can ask for the grace to trust in God's plan, even when it is difficult or unclear. We can ask for the strength to wait patiently, and for the faith to believe in the promise of resurrection.

So as we prepare to celebrate Easter Sunday, let us hold onto the lessons of Holy Saturday. May we also embrace the waiting, the uncertainty, and the mystery, knowing that it is in these moments that we can draw closer to God. May we find peace in our prayers, and may we emerge from this time of waiting with renewed hope, joy, and faith.

May God bless you on this Holy Saturday, and may the promise of resurrection fill your hearts with hope and peace. Amen.

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