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As creatives, our works are like letters, conversations to God where we express our heart to the Lord and lay it all down in front of Him. It is where we say “I am Yours Lord, Sincerely”. The beauty in being ourselves, and at the same time being God’s, is that our conversations and letters hold different stories, but still we draw to the same conclusion that we live for His glory. This is “Yours, Sincerely”, a collaborative collection with Awaken Generation, and four local Featured Musicians.

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Krysta Joy
In this fourth edition, I have a quick chat with Krysta Joy, who’s song “Wait” inspired our next design in this collection!

Hiya Krysta! Could you share a bit about yourself?
My name is Krysta Joy, and I am a Singer-songwriter and Music Producer, here in Singapore!


Wow that’s so neat! How did you get into music and what do you think about it as a Christian?
When I was still in my mother’s womb, it was prophesied over me that I would be a worshipper, and I encountered God multiple times as a child in moments of worship. Soon I began leading worship from the age of 10 in Sunday School, and by then I was already playing the drums, keyboard, guitar, and I had a deep love for songwriting.

To me, music has always been a language and the easiest way for me to communicate my feelings and express adoration towards those I love. The first song I wrote was actually a Mothers’ Day song for my mum!

It was always a dream of mine to spread joy and the love of God through music in the secular scene, and it is exactly what I am doing now. I also serve in “Burning Hearts”, a prayer and worship house, as well as serve with the Filipino Worship Ministry in my church. I’m thankful to have these ministries that root and ground me in the Word, and prevent me from losing the focus of performing for an “Audience of One” when I am on bigger secular stages.


Do you feel that the arts are important to you and I as Christians?
I think the creative arts are extremely important as Christians as I believe it is the most influential tool in society. The arts industry is one of much brokenness and darkness, composed of many people who are constantly looking for creative expressions to define who they are. As Christians, we have the privilege of sharing the truth and the answers to their questions, coupled with holy attributes of Christ that will move people’s hearts.

I wouldn’t consider my music to be CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) or religious music at all, in fact it is more secular than anything but written either in reference to Scripture or from a place of inspiration from Christ. I believe that worship doesn’t have to look like the four-chord songs we sing in Church or fit into a certain template. Remembering that the Lord delights in the song of our heart, is what has shaped the way I present my music and the way I choose to carry myself in the music scene.


Completely agree on that Krysta! Could you share now about how “Wait” came about?
“Wait” was a song written about being patient with myself and the journey that the Lord is taking me on. I was very anxious about my journey as a student and as a musician, constantly wondering what the next step is going to look like. I wrote it with the revelation of Jer 29:11 in mind, that I can wait and feel assured that God has it all planned out for me for my good.

I feel that I sing it very differently now, with more confidence now that I have seen the result of my waiting and seen how the Lord has carried me through tough seasons of waiting (especially during the pandemic period). I'm still glad that this was the first song I ever released as it is and always will be the song of my heart and what I feel will steer not just my music journey but my entire life.

The part that speaks to me the most is the bridge! It says “I know You have plans for me, teach me to wait patiently”. It was a truth I had to constantly sing over myself until it became a reality and also humbled me to ask for God to help me because I cannot do it by my own strength.


What’s one memorable moment as you put together this song?
One memorable moment would have to be my first album launch in 2019. I performed this song and it was surreal seeing how I was now in front of a crowd of over 200 people, but still singing to my Audience of One and trusting that just as He has brought me this far, He will continue to do so.

As you know, this collection is a part of a collaboration with Awaken Generation! What did you think as we approached you?
I love Awaken Generation! I have dear friends there who are passionate worshippers and skilled musicians, focused on bringing glory to God through their worship. I am thankful for the opportunity to be able to collaborate and support them in their godly endeavours that have impacted more people than they’ll ever know.


The goal of this is ultimately, to inspire the next generation of creatives, so what is some advice you would give to them?
My advice would be to never lose sight of your calling. You are first and foremost a worshipper, not a performer or “superstar”. Posture your heart to treat every show/gig as a worship unto God.

I think a good way to start is from a place of prayer and worship. Also to plug into communities that focus on these two aspects- such as Awaken Gen or Burning Hearts. A lot of my music was written during a worship set as an attendee.


What do you think the future would be like for creativity in the Christian context?
I see the Christian Music scene expanding greatly in the years to come, as this next generation has so much more potential than I ever had at their age and I’m so excited to partner with them to see my ceiling become their floor. I believe God’s name will be lifted high in many secular scenes and creative communities.


Image by Krysta Joy


Seeing Krysta’s journey begin from such a young age, I am brought back to my own background and creative journey. Having been blessed with a creative family, I start to see the many seeds that God has sowed into my life - even before I realised it. I remember how in secondary school, I just picked up colour pencils one day and started to draw and now, that has grown into a career in design. I remember too the day my aunt gifted me a ukelele in primary school, and now I serve in the worship team at church, and produce music of my own. The point is, God’s hands work in our lives in many ways which we may not realise all the time. But why have we not realised? How do we not know? Shouldn’t we be more aware of how we’ve gotten to where we are?


Well sometimes, as we hear in Krysta’s song, we fail to realise just how impatient we are with His plans for us. And it’s that human nature in us that puts us often in a position of self-reliance, because we never are quite sure if He truly is there for us. But as 2 Peter 3:9 says, “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”


He knows us, and He‘s always known us - since before we were a conceived thought in our parents’ heads. Sowing into our lives from day one, the great thing about having a relationship with Him is that we can learn, and that we do everyday as we seek the Lord in our daily lives. Ultimately, we’re here to be living testimonies of His goodness, and we may not know what goes on and the reason for why things are the way they are all the time - but that’s okay. We can still go on and simply have faith that He will never fail to provide, and do our parts to use our giftings, to sow seeds in the lives of others and be the beacons of light that He made us to be.


Images by Krysta Joy


Krysta Joy continues to go strong in the industry, with the recent launch of her own studio “Saylah Studios”, she’s currently working on growing a community of creatives whilst providing a safe space for people to express themselves through art. You can support them by following the account on Instagram (@SAYLAHSTUDIOS) and consider sowing into it financially as well, if you are able to!


Bringing the creative space into your own spaces, she also has a radio segment called “Soul Food” on Mediacorp Indiego every Monday night from 9pm-12am! Feel free to tune in to discover more local music and learn more about the music scene as a whole if you need a place to start!

Reflection Time

  • What have I been doing by my own strength?
  • How can I practice patience and trust in God?
  • What can I do to help others find that same peace?
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