Common misconceptions of Depression: The Commandment Co's Short Sermon Series - Motivational daily devotions
In view of how many people are struggling with depression and anxiety over prolonged periods of self isolation, we are sharing on some common and critical misconceptions about depression.
Depression is not a condemnation - The Commandment Co's Short Shermon Series - Encouraging Daily Christian Devotionals
Depression is not a sin, it’s an illness. When you get a cold, people don’t tell you that you’re sinning. It sounds absurd because it is, and it’s just as unreasonable as saying suffering from a mental illness is a sin. Just because it can’t be seen doesn’t make it any less of an illness. Like physical illnesses, mental illnesses need treatment too, not condemnation! Depression is not a sin and it’s not your fault.
Seek professional treatment for depression - The Commandment Co's Short Sermon Series: Inspirational daily devotionals
Another misconception is that “depression will leave if you pray or have faith.” It’s a serious illness and, with any illness, you should also seek professional treatment. While God may be able to divinely heal, He has also blessed us with doctors and counsellors to advise and help us heal! There is no shame in needing medication or help for depression. Therapy and counselling are often crucial to help people process trauma and reduce stressors.
Depression is not a punishment from God - The Commandment Co's Short Sermon Series: Heartening daily devotionals to uplift your day
Depression is NOT a punishment from God. Its not the fault of the person suffering nor the result of sin, but it can refine someones faith and can turn their test into a testimony. In John 9, Jesus tells us that the man was not blind because of his sin nor his parents’ sins. The assumption that any mental illness is a punishment for sin is as faulty. But the result of the illness is that God’s power may be seen through the healing of it!
An excerpt from John 9:2-6 - Depression and its misconceptions: The Commandment Co's short sermon series with inspirational devotionals
You CAN’T always tel if someone is depressed by the way they look or act. Depressed people become really good at hiding their feelings, and we shouldn’t judge anyone based on their external appearances. Many depressed people will “not look depressed” as depression can look a lot of different ways, even if they have a smile on their face.
Depression looks different on different people even with smiles on their faces - Encouraging daily devotionals from The Commandment Co's Short Sermon Series
Do continue taking care of yourself and seeking the word even when you don’t feel like it. Your circumstances don’t define you, but your reactions do! Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you!
 Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you ~ 1 Peter 5:7 - Moving devotionals from The Commandment Co's Short Sermon Series
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For immediate assistance, call the National Care Hotline (1800-202-6868), Institute of Mental Health Hotline (6389-2222) or Samaritans of Singapore (1800-221-4444)
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October 22, 2020 — The Commandment Co