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As creatives, our works are like letters, conversations to God where we express our heart to the Lord and lay it all down in front of Him. It is where we say “I am Yours Lord, Sincerely”. The beauty in being ourselves, and at the same time being God’s, is that our conversations and letters hold different stories, but still we draw to the same conclusion that we live for His glory. This is “Yours, Sincerely”, a collaborative collection with Awaken Generation, and four local Featured Musicians.
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In this third edition, I chat with local Singer-Songwriter Julius, who is the person behind our next song-inspired design, “Sunshine Of My Life”.

Singapore Christian Music Singer Julius x The Commandment Co t-shirt merch collaboration
T-Shirt and Keychain designs by TCCO for “Sunshine Of My Life”

Hey Julius! Could you share a bit about yourself?
Hello! My name is Julius, and I’m a budding singer-songwriter from Singapore! I’m currently in Sydney pursuing my 3rd-year studies at Hillsong College.


That’s really cool! How did you get into music and what do you think about it as a Christian?
Music has been for the longest time my most comfortable form of creative expression, so it translated naturally into a significant aspect of my worship unto God. I’ve served just over 12 years as a keyboardist in my church’s music ministry. In my own time, I usually sing, write and make music either with my keyboard or acoustic guitar and along with it pockets of silliness and random musings I inject into the creative process.

Music has been a creative outlet for me, but it has also been a creative input. I think music for me is really similar to music for every other believer, in that I remember song lyrics and tunes quickly and easily, and the previous week’s sermon usually becomes a distant memory. Music (whether Christian worship or secular) has been integral in shaping my theology and worldview, and now having realised the influence music has on my own life, when I write songs I’m mindful of that because I’m writing what could inform someone else’s theology and worldview. And so I want my songs to reflect the honesty and struggle of being, met with the grace of God that I have freely received as a believer.

Christian Singer Songwriter Julius from Singapore playing guitar
Image by Ashley Matthew Teo

Do you feel that the arts are important to you and I as Christians?
If all the wonders of the earth was established by God our creator, and we are His creation made in His image, the byproduct of being His image bearers is being creatives ourselves, isn’t it? Because of this, I think music and the creative arts are important to the life of a Christian. Every single one of us, with a potential for creativity in any and every sphere of life.


Really insightful words Julius! Now perhaps you could share with us how Sunshine Of My Life came about?
During a college break mid-2021, I had a zoom writing session with Martin, a great friend and a brilliant songwriter from India who was also doing college online then. I shared with him how, given how the covid situation was bad and even horrific in many parts of the world, I wanted to write about the fragility of human life (James 4:14) and an urgency for the gospel. We met up and finished the song within a couple more sessions, and I went on to produce it with Neath. (check out his music on Spotify), another amazing human being with good ear and production chops. And so Sunshine of My Life was birthed and sent out into the world on 28 January 2022.

My favourite part of the song is the first pre-chorus, because 1) it was written by Martin, and 2) it’s just so beautifully written.

There is an acknowledgement that for the believer it is sometimes hard to grasp the love of God and what it means to walk empowered by the Holy Spirit. There is also an assurance that we don’t have to live up to the crushing weight of countless personal and external expectations, because God doesn’t measure us up for His glory based on the factors of this world, but because He affirms us as His sons and daughters.


Fun fact: this pre-chorus was the inspiration for pretty much the rest of the song.

1st Pre-Chorus (for reference):
I know it’s hard to see it
But you don’t have to always be enough
Cause your strength won’t last for long
But I’ll carry you on my sweet child
What’s one memorable moment as you put together this song?
One memorable moment that comes to mind for SOML was the cover art reveal. I brought Doreen Goh into this project to bring the song visually to life and when I first saw it and shared it with Martin, we were so pumped! Her illustration captures the overarching theme of SOML perfectly, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sunshine of My Life Christian Music album cover design by Julius and illustrated by Doreen Goh

Illustrations by Doreen Goh

As you know, this collection is a part of a collaboration with Awaken Generation! What did you think as we approached you?
Firstly, the fact that my first work as a budding artist is seen and heard is a MASSIVE encouragement for me to keep creating. It’s also my first time collaborating in this format (it’s a lot of firsts for me ha) with AG and TCCO, though I’m not unfamiliar with both of them. I’m just pretty excited to see how God will use this collaboration for His glory.

Secondly, I never thought I’d have my music crossover into the realm of merchandise, so this was a pleasant surprise. Wherever the merch goes, I pray the person who sees and wears them is reminded time and again, the secure hope of being found in the Sunshine of God’s Life.

The goal of this collaboration is ultimately, to inspire the next generation of creatives, so what are some pieces of advice you would give to them?
I think of two things: let go of ego and finish the product.

As a songwriter, I’ve always found it helpful to get feedback from other fellow songwriters/musicians on ways to improve things like rhythm, melody, lyrical cadence, and arrangements for my songs. Honestly, I can be really proud of some of the stuff that I create, and there are moments where pride gets in the way of improvement. In those moments letting go of ego and inviting other trusted creative minds to provide suggestions can be a very helpful thing to increase the potential of your next bop.

Second though just as important is completing the product. My songwriting mentor once said to me as I came up with excuses for not completing my songs, that “geniuses finish their work”. That has stuck with me since. Sitting on hundreds of voice memos leaves too much to the imagination for anyone to be able to appreciate it. Take the time to expand on those voice memos into verses and choruses. Maybe even workshop with fellow songwriters and complete. that. song.

Singapore Christian music singer songwriter Julius playing guitar singing with fellow Christians
Image by Ashley Matthew Teo

On exploring music and worship, you can never exhaust what you’ll find on Spotify and Youtube. For Spotify, my favourite feature is the shuffle play which switches up what I’m listening to, to discover new songs.

What do you think the future would be like for creativity in the Christian context?
In 5 to 10 years, I can see a rise in anointed originals from our home-grown songwriters, a native worship sound of the Singapore Church and a blessing to the nations around our land. I see a greater hunger for unity in the local church come to the forefront, and out of that divine orchestration of worshipers who will form meaningful collaborations and continue to lay down fading laurels and glories in exchange for Spirit-breathed worship.

As I hear Julius’s sharing, discipline and humility are two traits that come to the surface for me. God always gives us His best, and never shortchanges us - he gives no excuses and delivers us through our trials in a heartbeat. No less should we as His children, bring forward as well. We’re all human however, and it is no secret that sometimes we’re just tired, helpless, stressed. At times like this I’m reminded of Psalms 23, a very well known Psalm that we Christians often gloss over, stopping at the words “The Lord is my shepherd”. But the journey this Psalm takes us through is much more than that, a testimony of God’s overflowing source of strength and provision. Knowing now that we can fully indulge in Him and not rely on our own human strength, let us remember to give our best to Him, and never forget to thank and show our love, to the one who first loved us.

Julius writes and sings Christian Music in Singapore

Image by Ashley Matthew Teo

Julius continues to build his talents as he finishes his last year in Hillsong College, serving the Lord fervently with his talents and giftings. With a new Single titled “Won’t Just Be” coming out around November this year, and recently released collaboration track with Cyril Julien titled “Space Between Us”, truly great things will be coming from Julius, and we can expect to see His light shine so brightly through these.


Reflection Time

  1. What are some things I need to let go?
  2. How has God shown His love for me?
  3. What are some ways I can thank God?


September 24, 2022 — The Commandment Co